Using with Devices

Make Your Product Wireless.

The FlashAir is compatible with many devices, not just digital cameras. By using FlashAir instead of a normal SD card, your in-house product will be instantly able to share data with external devices like PCs and smartphones.

The FlashAir API is available for free, even for commercial uses.

Devices Supporting FlashAir

CAN data logger CSS Electronics

CL3000 is a data logger with WiFi function sold by CSS Electronics in Denmark.
It corresponds to the serial communication protocol "CAN" which is utilized in a wide range of scenes such as industrial machinery and factory automation mainly for automobiles.
CL3000 is equipped with 16 GB of FlashAir so that you can access the acquired data remotely.
Even without installing dedicated telematics for commercial vehicles such as trucks and tractors, you can access traveling data via wireless LAN, leading to a significant reduction in vehicle management costs.
Although the CL3000 is set to access point mode at the time of shipment, it can be accessed remotely via the Internet by changing the setting to station mode using dedicated software and connecting to the mobile hotspot.
CL3000 is sold online and shipped to countries all over the world.

CL3000 official website


Testomat® EVO TH Gebrüder Heyl Analysentechnik GmbH & Co. KG

The analysis unit Testomat® EVO TH is an online analysis unit, which determines residual total hardness (water hardness) in water via titration and following photoelectrical evaluation.

Using FlashAir as a recording media, PCs, notebooks or smartphones can be connected via web browser (capable of javascript) and receive messages/alarms and measuring data in CSV format. The browser can furthermore display the measuring data online as a graphic or calculate a graphic display of the last recorded monthly data.

Testomat® EVO TH official website

Testomat EVO TH

Handy recorder "H2n" Zoom Corporation

The Zoom H2n Portable Handy Digital Audio Recorder has an unprecedented 5 microphones built in, providing you with 4 selectable recording patterns to choose from. A simple dial on top of the recorder lets you switch between traditional XY stereo, 2-channel surround, 4-channel surround, and a mid-side stereo mode. The mid-side mode allows you to adjust the width of your stereo field for terrific flexibility. When recording in RAW mode, you can even adjust the field after you've made a recording.

Using FlashAir as a recording media, you could download high-quality sound data to multiple smart phones and tablets, then listen to music instantly.

* FlashAir is available with H6 and H4n as well as H2n. To learn more, see ZOOM official website.

ZOOM official website

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business application healthcare
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DoraDora HD JAFMATE Co., Ltd.

The DoraDora HD is an advanced high-resolution drive recorder. With a dedicated app "DoraDora Live", recorded video can be seen on smart phones over wireless LAN.

DoraDora HD is now available only in Japan.

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Pomera DM100 KING JIM CO.,LTD.

The POMERA, a portable digital memo pad specialized in writing, supports the FlashAir. The POMERA does not have a networking capability, but the WiFi function of the FlashAir card allows it to share files with the Evernote.

Pomera DM100 Product Review

Case Studies

Some examples of commercial projects using FlashAir.

Digital Signage Device

More and more stores are using small signage devices with SD cards to promote products.
By replacing the SD card in the signage devices with FlashAir, digital content can be updated directly from headquarters or management via the Internet.

Digital Signage Device

Fixed Point Camera (Time-lapse Photography)

FlashAir is particularly effective when used with a fixed point camera monitoring animal life or plant growth.
Setup can require a large time and cost investment, especially when laying cables across a large space. By combining FlashAir and a battery-operated camera you can avoid a cabled environment altogether and record the captured time-lapse images over WiFi. The FlashAir can also save battery consumption by only activating WiFi when the camera captues a new images.

Fixed Point Camera

These case studies have been provided by LLC VISIONWORKS-IT.


LLC VISIONWORKS-IT provides a FlashAir customization service, they develop unique functions with the FlashAir by embedding custom programs. For example, by using the FlashAir as a client you could upload contents directly to a server or download data via the Internet. You can also add CGI files to the FlashAir server, and host your own content your way.

FlashAir Applications

The following applications may require custom application development and/or firmware customization of the FlashAir.

Remote Robot and Sensor

By embedding the FlashAir in robots that work in narrow or dangerous spaces by remote control, you will be able to examine data from cameras or sensors wirelessly. Data too large to send in real-time can be stored on the FlashAir. The FlashAir also makes it possible to communicate with waterproof or dustproof sealed chassis computers without opening them.


Health Care Product

Health care products like scales and blood pressure measuring instruments can be wireless with the FlashAir. Weight or blood pressure would be sent directly to a user's mobile device without the need for a complicated networking environment.

business application healthcare

Automated Fault Diagnosis

By embedding the FlashAir in home electronics and other electronic devices, the FlashAir will store detailed information of the fault and display it to a user's mobile device. Specialized apps will be able to reduce support costs by providing quick diagnosis and solutions to users.