Application to IoT

Operation of IoT system with FlashAir

By incorporating FlashAir with wireless LAN functionality instead of being just a normal SD memory card, various devices can become IoT devices. I will introduce the system and Web service that support this IoT conversion.

Web service

Web remote monitoring system

Provided by: Kanazawa Engineering Systems Inc.

The web remote monitoring system provided by Kanazawa Engineering Systems Inc. can monitor numerical data written in PLCs and data loggers used at factories and other production sites from distant places such as centers and offices. They are using FlashAir as an IoT system.

Simple functionality and ease of setting up without preparing dedicated equipment. IoT can be started with a very reasonable introduction fee.

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Provided by: Sorbal Corporation.

Alliot is the IoT cloud platform of Sorvall Corporation. IoT compatible devices incorporating FlashAir can be linked with services via Alliot.

IoT Development Kit

Alliot's "IoT Development Kit" is an SDK that integrates an OS and a network protocol stack for developing IoT devices.
By using "IoT Development Kit" in combination with FlashAir, IoT service can be trial-made and examined immediately.

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