Sharing Documents

Distribute documents using FlashAir

FlashAir enables you to build a closed cloud storage environment for multiple users to access without using internet connection. For example, FlashAir can be used for a document storage server in a conference where participants can download documents via wireless LAN instead of distributing CD-ROMs and USB memories.

Browser Utility Generator

This tool allows you to customize your own Browser Utility, even if you have no prior knowledge of HTML or CSS! Simply change the logo and the design to get the look you want for a conference!

Try out Browser Utility Generator

Case Study

Browser Utility for Document Distribution@ASP-DAC 2014

In 2014, FlashAir was employed as the conference proceeding distribution platform at the 19th Asia and South Pacific Design Automation Conference ( ASP-DAC 2014 ) which was held between Jan 20th to 23rd in Singapore. The FlashAir was set up with a pre-customized browser utility, allowing the participants to download proceedings from the web browsers in their PCs and smart phones at a click of a button!


The browser utility used in ASP-DAC 2014 is available.
By customizing this browser utility, you can use it to distribute documents in various scenes. (4.6KB)

Supporting IE9 or later, FireFox, Chrome, and Safari.

All sample code on this page is licensed under BSD 2-Clause License

How to use

  1. Download the template from the link above, and extract it
  2. Open List.htm from a text editor and change the title, logo, texts, and links. Replace the logo in the directory with your own.
  3. Save the List.htm and image files in /SD_WLAN directory in the FlashAir. Please keep the file name List.htm and make sure to back up the existing List.htm.
  4. Open /SD_WLAN/CONFIG and make sure a line APPAUTOTIME=0 exists. (Append it if not.) For more about APPAUTOTIME, go to API Guide CONFIG.
  5. Finally, remove your FlashAir card from your PC and reinsert it to reboot the card.

Please note that when you change the browser utility, the original function of FlashAir such as showing images or configurating FlashAir from browsers will be disabled. If you need to use the original functions, use the original (backup) List.htm or remove it if it does not exist originally. To learn more, read API Guide: Browser Utility and Overview of the FlashAir App Development for Web Browser.

Browser Utility