App Showcase


FlashAir official maker application.

FA Downloader

An application that scans a file list of FlashAir from an Android smartphone and downloads a file with a specific extension.

FlashTools Lua Editor

Online code editor to support Lua script development on FlashAir.

FlashAir File Manager New

Application that can browse and download files on FlashAir from a remote place.


By combining a smartphone application with a compatible camera, it is a function to easily share high-quality pictures taken with a digital camera.


An application for copying photos, videos, and other files on the local network to a PC.


An application that can download and play videos recorded with the drive recorder "Doradra".


It is a browser app dedicated to FlashAir.


Application to automatically transfer photos from camera to Mac.


An application that exchanges text data with FlashAir.


Play files and streaming directly on Android / iOS devices.

ID Card Workshop

Business application with member management and ID card creation function.

MyCumulus New

An application that collects data based on a form customized for you.


Uncoded video player with outstanding performance and convenient UI compatible with numerous video formats and Codex.

Passport PhotoWork shop

Software for creating photos for biometric passport.


Image editing software that can perform image correction.


Transfer photos and videos via local Wi-Fi network.


Just by transferring images from the computer via FTP client, it can be used as a normal image browser.


Windows desktop application for copying images from FlashAir via wireless connection.

Yokin's FlashAir Sync

Client tool for Toshiba SD memory card that supports file transfer by WiFi, file transfer utility.