Getting Started

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Welcome to FlashAir Developers

FlashAir is an SDHC memory card with embedded Wireless LAN functionality. External devices like PCs and smartphones are able to access the data stored in the FlashAir wirelessly via the FlashAir API. Each API allows developers to build upon and extend their application.
FlashAir Developers provides an introduction to development and customization of apps using the FlashAir API.

Intended Audience

These documents are designed for developers who have basic experience developing Android or iOS applications, web applications, and using Wireless LAN and SD card devices. If you are new to development, you can start with Beginners Guide with FlashAir Development.

What's the FlashAir API?

The FlashAir API consistes of several CGI files you can use to control the FlashAir. And device with a basic set of HTTP commands should be able to configure and manage a FlashAir.

Web applications can also use JavaScript instead of calling the CGIs directly. Beyond these CGI commands the FlashAir API also includes a template file to help in browser application development, and intructions on customizing the CONFIG file.

For more information, please see "Getting started with FlashAir"

API Policy

We hope to keep the FlashAir API as open as possible. Check the Terms of Use before you start coding.



The best place to ask Technical Questions is on Stack Overflow. Make sure you use the flashair tag!