Last update: April 2015

thumbnail.cgi is used to get a thumbnail of an image.

Function Parameter Example Firmware Version
Get thumbnail /DCIM/100__TSB/DSC_100.JPG 1.00.00+

Get thumbnail

Returns an EXIF standardized thumbnail image of the specified image. The file format of the image must be JPEG (image/jpeg).

The request fails with 404 Not Found if the format of the specified file is not JPEG or if there is no EXIF standardized thumbnail stored (regardless of file format).

Request example:


Response header:

With Firmware Version 3.00.00+, the following fields will be added in the HTTP response header:

The image's WIDTH, taken from the JPEG's EXIF info.
The image's HEIGHT, taken from the JPEG's EXIF info.
The image's ORIENTATION, taken from the JPEG's EXIF info.