Browser Utility

Last update: June 2013

Browser Utility is a template screen used to show the contents of the FlashAir in a web browser. By editing template files, developers can customize how FlashAir contents look in a web browser.

List.htm, an HTML file, is the Browser Utility. By editing this file, you can customize how FlashAir contents look in web browser.
For example, using JavaScript, you can develop a photo frame with images, styles and a dynamic user interface.

To learn how to edit List.htm, see Tutorials for Web Browser.


When a GET request is issued to the directory path, the FlashAir will return List.htm as a response.
If the code <!--WLANSDJLST--> is found in the file, the FlashAir will replace it with the content list of the target directory.


List.htm does not exist in the W-02 card. A browser utility that is stored in the firmware is used by default.
You can still create List.htm and edit it according to the directions above. However, the rule regarding replacement of <!--WLANSDLIST--> is different.

wlansd.push({"r_uri":"/DCIM", "fname":"100__TSB", "fsize":0,"attr":16,"fdate":9944,"ftime":129});
wlansd.push({"r_uri":"/DCIM", "fname":"0126_1.jpg", "fsize":70408,"attr":32,"fdate":17071,"ftime":28040});