FlashAir Doujinshi

A slightly unusual way of using the SD card FlashAir with buit-in wireless LAN explained by people involved. Get ready for take off!

FlashAir Doujinshi is written by people and in-house supporters who involved in the development and marketing of FlashAir. FlashAir Doujinshi contains story of development secret, evaluation board, development tutorials, and cartoon.


  1. Maker Faire Tokyo
  2. FlashAir and GPIO
  3. The Birth History of Sora chan and GPIO with OSC
  4. Designing of FlashAir Eva Board, Airio
  5. Let Arduino Control FlashAir!
  6. Utilization of FlashAir as Wireless SPI Master
  7. Let's Run FlashAir with Raspberry Pi

Download PDF (2.0MB)  


  • First Edition: Aug. 11, 2015
  • Author: Takada, Ito, Pochio, yone2, Doi, Muraguchi, gm
  • Cover illustrator: gm
  • Cover Designer: yone2, gm
  • Editor: yone2
  • Translater: Tama
  • Translation Checker: Peter Matthews, Alexandra Robin Clodge
  • Publisher: FlashAir Developers
  • (Updated: Oct 14, 2015)