Developer Resources

Libraries and tools to develop applications for FlashAir.



It is a module for using"FlashAir W-04"on the breadboard.

"Seeeduino Storage for FlashAir"

Seeeduino Storage for FlashAir is a board that can perform prototyping using FlashAir in the Arduino development environment.

FlashAir prototyping board "Airio RP"

Developed by: MARUTSU ELEC CO., LTD

Airio RP is the prototyping board.


Web application sample

Developed by: Toshiba Memory Corporation

It is a sample web application that manipulates FlashAir API.

This code is licensed under BSD 2-Clause License

FlashAir Library for iOS v1.0

Developed by: Toshiba Memory Corporation

A library for developing iOS apps working with FlashAir.

This library is licensed under BSD 2-Clause License


Developed by: Tad Leonard

A Python library that can use the FlashAir APIs from the command line.


Developed by: GPS_NMEA(@Seg_faul)

A library for FlashAir DIP IO board.


Developed by: yanzm

A library for developing Android apps working with FlashAir.

FlashAir Javascript Client Library

Developed by: JakeJP

A Javascript library for FlashAir.

  • Wraps all CGI calls, HTTP connections and change notifications.
  • Available in TypeScript(ts), Javascript(js) compatible with ECMAScript 3


FlashAir Emulator

Developed by: cho45

An emulator of FlashAir's web server written in Perl that allows you to develop your apps without switching wireless LAN or considering communication stability.