Using Internet Pass-Thru Mode

Last update: November 2013

Internet pass-thru mode allows you to connect to the Internet with your PC or smartphone while they are connected to the FlashAir card. This tutorial shows how to configure your FlashAir with Internet pass-thru mode.


Access Point mode

By default, the FlashAir will run in AP (Access Point) mode. In AP mode, when a device (such as a PC or smartphone) connects to the FlashAir as a client it will be unable to access the Internet.


Internet pass-thru mode

When configured in Internet pass-thru mode, the FlashAir will act both as a station (STA mode) and as an access point. The FlashAir will behave like a router, bridging the connection between devices connected to it and a secondary (or "Parent") network.
If the parent network is connected to the internet, your devices will have access to the FlashAir and the internet simultaniously.


Station Mode and Internet Pass-Thru Mode

It is also possible to access the Internet and the FlashAir simultationously with STA mode, however Internet pass-thru mode provides several AP mode features not supported in STA mode.

  • You can access the FlashAir card when you're unable to connect to the parent network. Such as when you are outdoors. STA mode requires you to connect to the FlashAir through the parent network.
  • When you want your guest to access your FlashAir, FlashAir SSID and password are only things you need to disclose to the guest. On the other hand, SSID and password of the parent network are required to open to allow a guest access to the STA-mode FlashAir. Internet pass-thru mode is better from a viewpoint of security.
  • If you would like to show the contents of your FlashAir card to someone, you only need to disclose the SSID and Password of the FlashAir. No information about the parent network is required.

Supported FlashAir Models

Internet pass-thru mode is available for FlashAir Class10 cards, and cards with firmware version 2.00.02 or higher.

Important: Class6 cards are not supported!


Before we can set the card to Internet pass-thru mode, we need to set the FlashAir's operation mode, set wifi information, and set a name to identify our card. There are two ways to configure your card:
1) Modifying the CONFIG file directly, or
2) Using config.cgi
See the CONFIG file section for more information.

Parameters to change

The following six parameters need to be changed. They are explained in API Guide / CONFIG.

  1. APPMODE (Operation Mode)
    Set APPMODE to 6 or 3 to enable Internet pass-thru mode.
  2. APPSSID (The FlashAir's Wireless LAN SSID)
    Specify a name for your FlashAir's wireless network.
  3. APPNETWORKKEY (The FlashAir's Wireless LAN Password)
    Set a password for the FlashAir's wireless network.
  4. BRGSSID (The SSID of the Parent Network)
    Specify the SSID of the network your FlashAir will connect to.
  5. BRGNETWORKKEY (The Parent Network's Wireless LAN Password)
    Set the password your FlashAir will use to connect to the Parent Network.
  6. APPNAME (What to name your FlashAir)
    Specify a unique name for your FlashAir card to identify it within the STA side wireless LAN (the connection from the FlashAir to the Parent Network).

Method 1: Modify the configuration file directly.

We can modify these parameters by editing /SD_WLAN/CONFIG directly.
Note: This directory will be hidden by default on most Operating Systems.
If a parameter does not already exist in your config file, you can add it. The order of parameters doesn't matter.

When you're done, the file should look similar to the following:


Method 2: Using config.cgi

We can change all of these parameters except for APPNAME (The FlashAir's unique identifier) by using config.cgi over WiFi.

In order to change these parameters we will need to provide the MASTERCODE.
If you haven't set a MASTERCODE for your card, you can do so with config.cgi. For example:


Next, we can set the parameters with the following command:


Note: The FlashAir will reboot after receiving a configuration command in order to apply your changes.

Accessing your FlashAir card with Internet Pass-Thru Mode

Once correctly configured, you can access the FlashAir card from any WiFi device just as before in AP mode (by connecting to the FlashAir's SSID).

Any devices connected to the Parent Network will also be able to access the FlashAir card.
See Advanced Tutorials - Using Station Mode for more information.

Usage Note

Behaviour when connecting to the Parent Network fails

With Internet pass-thru mode enabled, on boot the FlashAir will attempt to connect to the Parent Network (STA side) before enabling its own wireless LAN (AP side). If the connection to the Parent Network fails, the FlashAir will boot in AP mode - and it may take some time before the FlashAir's network is available.