Tutorials for iOS

Introducing tutorials for iOS application

  1. Overview of FlashAir for iOS app development

    Overview. Guide prerequisites.

  2. Getting A List of Contents

    Tutorial about how to get a list of contents.

  3. Downloading Content

    Tutorial about how to download contents. To download a file, use file path as a URL.

  4. Displaying Image Thumbnails

    Tutorial about how to get thumbnail images. To get thumbnails, use thumbnail.cgi with file path.

  5. Auto-Refreshing Content List

    Tutorial about poling changing FlashAir contents.

  6. Changing SSID and Network Password

    Tutorial about getting and setting SSID and password.

  7. Uploading to FlashAir

    Tutorial about uploading a file to FlashAir.

  8. Photo Share

    Tutorial about how to use PhotoShare.