FlashAir File Manager

Latest update: October 2017


This tutorial will explain FlashAir File Manager.

What is FlashAirFileManager

FlashAirFileManager is an application that can browse and download files on FlashAir from a remote place via FlashAir IoT Hub using the FlashAir wireless LAN function.

Currently, FlashAirFileManager has been confirmed to work on the following platforms.

  • Windows 7
  • Windows 10

This application is provided in open source, and you can modify source code and distribute application within the scope of license .


Download the zip file or installer from GitHub .

  • zip file: Extract it to an arbitrary location.
  • installer: Please proceed with the installation as instructed.

Environment development (developer only)

※ It is not necessary if you do not modify the source code of this application.

Install node.js(6.x)


Run the following command from a command prompt that you run as administrator or from Windows PowerShell.

npm install -g --production windows-build-tools

Administrator privilege is unnecessary in the subsequent steps.

npm install -g yarn
git clone https://github.com/FlashAirDevelopers/FlashAirFileManager
cd FlashAirFileManager
yarn install
yarn pack:win
run .\dist\win-unpacked\FlashAirFileManger.exe

Exit the command prompt.

How to use

Account registration of FlashAir IoT Hub

Please refer to here and register your account on FlashAir IoT Hub .

Preparation of Lua script

Select "Script" at the top of the FlashAir IoT Hub site, download and decompress the ZIP file on the PC, and save the file in FlashAir's root directory.

Modification of CONFIG

Add or rewrite LUA_RUN_SCRIPT=/bootscript.lua to FlashAir CONFIG.

Start FlashAirFileManger

Restart and restart FlashAir, for example by inserting and pulling FlashAir, and start FlashAirFileManger.

  • Install as zip file: Click FlashAirFileManager/FlashAirFileManger.exe.
  • Install with installer: Please click the FlashAirFileManger shortcut on the desktop.

Login to FlashAir IoT Hub (for first time startup only)

If the FlashAir Iot Hub is not logged in after the application is launched, you need to log in to FlashAir IoT Hub and approve access.
Please login with yourself (application user) account.


We will confirm that the application can access the data of FlashAir IoT Hub, so if you agree, please click the approval button.

Access authorization

You can now use the application.

Select FlashAir

FlashAir registered in FlashAir IoT Hub will be displayed in the list. Select the target FlashAir.

Select FlashAir

When selected, the file list in FlashAir is displayed on the left side of the screen.

File list in FlashAir

To specify a path, enter the path in the text box on the left side of the screen and press Enter.

Path specification in FlashAir


The initial value of the download destination is the user folder. To change, enter the download destination folder path in the text box on the right side of the screen and press the Enter key to move to the specified folder.

Select folder

Select the file in FlashAir on the left side of the screen and click the download button in the center of the screen

Select file

The file is downloaded to the specified folder.


View repository(GitHub)